SmartVacuum changes the paradigm

Vacuum coating technologies to anticipate market trends and achieve perfectly matching flat panel
surfaces and edges using the same technique, improving sustainability and streamlining the coating process
with lower costs and shorter lead times.

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New iBotic, even closer to perfection

A benchmark in spray coating since 2006, the new iBotic includes ground-breaking innovations such as TIMESKIP, the device to allow zero downtime during colour changeover. Energy recovery systems for superior sustainability and a new HMI complete the innovation.

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Elispray redefines the meaning of productivity

Completely overhauled, the latest-generation elliptical spray coating solution takes productivity to a new level. Superior transfer efficiency, easier cleaning procedures and faster operation, saving money and consuming less lacquer and solvent.

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Anticipating the future with UV-I, our new inert curing oven

Avoiding what we believe will become an issue in the near future, lack of or high costs of photoinitiators,
our brand new UV-I inert curing oven is the cost-effective answer that will fit seamlessly into a roller
coating process when using 100% UV lacquers.

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Digital Printing

How the same image and the same digital print procedure can make edge and panel lookidentical

How to obtain a perfect match between panel surface and panel edge with an industrial digital printer and why this technique allows for unique customisation, minimal lead times and very little stock requirements.

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